Posted by: mcclearyriders | February 6, 2009

It’s been awhile

Hello everyone,

Hopefully everyone is doing well and had a great superbowl. As I metioned in the the other blog that I am trying to keep up we only had just a few riders,  5 1/2 to be exact on the ride, with Dave and Kathy showing up afterwards. Jordan had a blast her dad even took her the next day. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. The next club ride is February 14th to the Porter Tavern, with a ride out time of 10 am from Barb Paris house. If need directions please contact the club secretary Iva Madison at or you will probably be able to call Barb. There are a few of us that won’t be there due to Hermiston Horse Sale landed on the same weekend. Also I am planning that all girl Tavern ride to Loggers Bar and Grill march 7th, I can’t wait.. Ayhow if anyone is looking to ride just give someone a call and someone will always be looking to tag along. Keep on smiling and hope to ride with you all again soon, Take care,



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