Posted by: mcclearyriders | July 31, 2009

been forever

hey guys sorry it has taken me so long to post on this, i am no longer the club secretary so it has seemed to me that i didn’t need to keep this up as often. well i shouldn’t be like that… Iva the new secretary is doing an excelent job at being secretary! Keep up the good work. I will try to get some pictures posted on here as soon as i can. In the month of August on the 22nd we will be having a meeting, campout, ride, and bbq potluck at our house hope to see you all there, we will be discussing the coming up event like the logger’s playday parade, and the tavern ride or any rides in between. if you have any questions you can contact me still if you like or Iva or Dave McNett our emails our




and if anyone is interested at riding in the evenings i try to ride almost everynight if possible and on the weekends, just let me know. Today I will be going to pick up a friends horse to ride and work with for a month while she is laid up, do to a current accident.  So i am looking at lots of riding…



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