Posted by: mcclearyriders | August 27, 2009


well last weekend we had a great time. Dave, Martha, Jordan, and Randy all camped on Friday night , then Iva was able to spend on Saturday night. I bbq burgers friday and Sat plus we had steaks and a great potluck. Earlier that day we had a great ride, we had 13 riders on Saturday, great nice trails, except for the bees we ran into, but that comes with the territory during the summer months. Next we will be doing the Logger’s Playday Parade, with a camp out at Donnovick’s Ponderosa afterwards, with club meeting Friday the 11th at Laura and Gary’s the night before the parade. Can’t wait! I have been practicing with Tucker for carrying the flag, so far so good. Hope to see you all soon,

Laurajuly campout_27



  1. hi, my name is julie moore and i like to link up with your riding group,i live near the brady store.i have a quarter cross welch gelding , i and kippy need more miles.where does your group go locally? i and my riding partner go to mima,scattercreek,and logging roads.

  2. you can also call at 249-2180

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