Posted by: mcclearyriders | April 16, 2010

Spring is here!

At least we hope it is here!!!  Anyways it has been awhile for sure. We just had a club meeting and all went well, we decided to donate to the McCleary Bear Festival, check out there web page at and you can find us on there too. We will be riding in the annual parade which will take place on July 10th, but remember there will be things going on all weekend long so please check it out.

 This weekend some of us will be going down to Mossy Rock to camp and do there prize ride on Sunday, if anyone would like to go just send me an email at and I will send you the directions. It is a great ride, beautiful area and lots of room to park. Also there is a gaming series starting in Oakville at the Rodeo grounds on Sunday April 19 start time is 9am. On  April 25th is the last gaming series for some of us, and also Roseann’s retirement party at her place in Olympia, Congrats girl! She will also be doing a trip around the Peninsula this summer we will need to keep her in our thoughts as she makes this great journey. 

If anyone interested in trail riding let me know I pretty much ride as much as possible, oh don’t forget the Burke Lake trip is also right around the corner so hope all can join us over there.



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